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Hi! My name is Zechariah. Welcome to my page! For information/estimates on how I can help you tell your story please e-mail me at:
About me

I've been drizzling sweet storytelling maple syrup since 1995.  
Anything I can do to show love, hope, and crazy amounts of fun to whoever I come across is what I do.
I've grown up in Nebraska, but I was born in North Dakota, or what I like to call "South Canada." 
I graduated from University of Nebraska Omaha with a Journalism degree. This gives me a keen eye for story through words, photos, and video. I see things from many angles and perspectives. I watched science fiction and detective shows instead of cartoons as a kid. I love films. 
I love taking pictures. I love making videos. 
I love telling stories. Whoever's story. 
So much so that I started my own company, doing just that. 
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